Watercolour for Beginners

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Watercolour painting is one of the simplest ways to express yourself with colour, we create ideas with an expressive sketch to tell a story and then add a touch of colour to enhance it. You only need water to create an amazing painting and with a good coach you will improve your skills and develop a passion for painting.

In this course you will understand and define the visual and physical elements of drawings like shape and form and their relation to perspective. Understanding colour features in this course, you will also be trained in specific watercolour technique. Explore different solutions to create aesthetic compositions and colour values. Learn the  fundamentals to create a landscape from both source material and your imagination. Understand perception and how the eye sees, with still life.

About The Teacher - Nelson Colo

Nelson Colo Matoma is a Sydney based artist. He studied Graphic Design at Sena College in Colombia, He began working as an illustrator in the United States. and  illustrates children’s books for McGraw Hill publisher, as well Prentice Hill. In 2005 Nelson won a national scholarship to undertake a Masters degree in Graphic design at the University of Wollongong. Nelson’s artwork has been exhibited throughout, USA, South America and Australia.

His experience in teaching started in Colombia where he taught at Taller 5 University and in private colleges. Currently Nelson teaches degree and diploma courses at Enmore Design Centre. Nelson’s passion for Watercolour Painting and Illustration is evident in his work, he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge with his students and inspiring new artists. IMG_3496

Equipment List

Suggested Materials List Watercolour for Beginners

A kit will be made available soon, this list gives you an idea of what is required. You can purchase brands within your budget, however buy the best quality you can afford as it does make a huge difference to the results you will achieve.

HB pencil


A3 watercolour pad in Medium 300 gsm, Montval or Arches or 2 loose sheets of Medium 300gsm paper in arches or saunders

Roll of Masking Tape 2-3cm wide

Watercolour palette with lid, at least 10 wells


Set of 12 artist Holbein watercolour paints or Winsor&Newtom Cotman student Tubes in:

Lemon Yellow

Cad Yellow

Cad Red

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue

Raw sienna

Burnt umber

Paynes grey


Fine synthetic round #1 (cheap)

Round brushes in sable #2, #6, #8 or Roymac revolution range (same sizes)

Mop Brush round in squirrel hair or Roymac revolution mop brush (size is up to you)

Flat Hake goat hair brush 1” or Roymac revolution flat wash brush 1”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for beginners?

Absolutely, no previous painting or drawing experience is required. You will cover all the foundations in learning to paint with this medium for the first time. Your tutor Nelson Colo has experience in teaching all levels in this medium due to his extensive and varied experience and will be able to assist students at all levels.

Does this course change in subsequent terms like the weeknight courses?

No, we have kept the Beginners Watercolour course the same as it will only run 4 times a year. If we get enough interest we will run an intermediate version in the last term.