Instructed Life Drawing

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Figure drawing is the traditional cornerstone of art training and the human body offers every challenge one could require—line and tone, perspective and composition.
In this course we apply gesture drawing to define ideas, create stories, energy and communication.
Using markers, ink and watercolour you will learn to add colour and life to your drawings and use critical thinking to tell stories through gesture drawing.
Some drawing experience is recommended for this course, but it is structured in a step by step process so beginners can build on their technique. It is also suitable for experienced students wanting to concentrate on figure drawing with the added assistance of a tutor. Each week you will work from a new model either male or female, nude or costumed.

About The Teacher - Nelson Colo

Nelson Colo Matoma is a Sydney based artist. He studied Graphic Design at Sena College in Colombia, He began working as an illustrator in the United States. and  illustrates children’s books for McGraw Hill publisher, as well Prentice Hill. In 2005 Nelson won a national scholarship to undertake a Masters degree in Graphic design at the University of Wollongong. Nelson’s artwork has been exhibited throughout, USA, South America and Australia.

His experience in teaching started in Colombia where he taught at Taller 5 University and in private colleges. Currently Nelson teaches degree and diploma courses at Enmore Design Centre. Nelson’s passion for Watercolour Painting and Illustration is evident in his work, he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge with his students and inspiring new artists. IMG_3496

Equipment List

Suggested Materials list:

Feel free to bring any materials you have at home.

Conte 2B black crayon

Black indian ink and white ink. (Derivan)

Black Copic Sketch Marker

Watercolour Paint tubes.

Winsor&Newtom Cotman student Tubes in:

Cadium Red

Cerulean Blue

Raw sienna

10 sht roll of large Newsprint paper

Large sheet Watercolour paper CP 185 – 300gsm


Round brushes in sable #6, #8 or Roymac revolution range (same sizes)

Mop Brush round in squirrel hair or Roymac revolution mop brush (size is up to you)

*Other useful materials are a large plastic container for water, a timber board larger than A3 and at least 5mm thick