Drawing for Beginners

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Drawing is the foundation to all art making. This course will introduce you to the fun of drawing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, designed for those with little or no experience.

Throughout the year we will run different themes, exploring Drawing from basic mark making, to drawing with colour and mixed media, Drawing the nude, portraits and more. All the courses are 5 weeks and suited to beginners and each new theme helps to build your art technique and allow you to continue practising throughout the year.

You will explore the technical, aesthetic and conceptual elements of drawing. A solid understanding of tone, texture, perspective, and composition will assist you with painting and give you confidence to continue further studies in art making if desired. With the life drawing and portrait courses you will have 3 weeks with life models. These courses are all suited to beginners and those students who have completed previous Drawing modules throughout the year.

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  • “I think people don’t realise their potential for arts and it is definitely an eye opener to see that no matter how little experience one has or how bad one thinks he/she is, at the end of the course, everyone will be surprised at what they can achieve.”

  • “I feel my drawing is much improved after the course, the skills and techniques we have learnt along with the encouragement we received from the teacher has added up to a very worth while process that was really enjoyable.”

  • "great value for money and the facilities were perfect."

  • "Drawing for beginners was good fun, and great to break up your working week."

About The Teacher - Anne Kwasner

Anne Kwasner has completed an Honours degree in fine art at the National Art School, with prior training at Julian Ashton Art School, The School of Colour and Design, and East Sydney Technical College. She works in a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics. She has enjoyed teaching both young people and adults on a community level for over fifteen years. Anne has exhibited both in Sydney and overseas.

Anne Kwasner in studio close up

Equipment List

  • Box of thin vine charcoal
  • 2 x thick vine charcoal
  • 1 x ex thick charcoal
  • Lumograph graphic pencils 2B,4B, 6B,8B
  • Faber kneadable eraser (soft)
  • Paper stumps 1 pack
  • Spray fixative
  • Hard eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • A2 size cartridge pad (you can also buy loose sheets)
  • 2 x bulldog clips
  • Bristle brush round Eterna #12

Total retail value                                   $69.75

20% Discount Price              $56.00

Free Hessian AOK Studios Bag with kit purchase.

Items sold separately attract a standard 10% discount off regular price

For Portraiture and Life drawing courses it is suggested to buy an Art Spectrum white pastel and 1 x sheet of canson grey paper. 1 x sheet of white stonehenge paper is also an option. these products will be in addition to the basic drawing kit and can be bought on your first night or as needed during the course. cost estimate for all 3 $13 approx.

List current as of Jan 2016, prices subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for total beginners, i have never drawn before?

Yes, this course assumes no previous knowledge of drawing. There will always be different levels of students in a class and students learn at different rates. We offer a very friendly and non judgemental environment to learn. Students are often suprised at what they can achieve by just having a go.

Do i need to purchase an Art Kit?

Art Kits are optional, they contain all the materials you will need for the course at a 20% discounted rate. However you are welcome to bring whatever drawing materials and paper you may have and purchase required materials as you need them. Art On kIng is open till 8pm during your course and offers a 10% student discount.

How is the 5 wk course different to the old 9 wk one?

We have re-structured our school terms to allow for more variation in courses offered throughout the year, giving students more options to re-enrol and continue their learning with consecutive modules that build on previous knowledge. The 5wk courses aim to deliver more information in a shorter time. You will spend slightly less time in class finishing works and more time learning techniques. You may start exercises in class and finish them at home. We have given each term a focus or theme so you can become more confident in an area before moving onto the next subject.