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Acrylics are a wonderfully versatile medium in which to learn to paint. They are fast drying and allow you to easily create layered works incorporating full bodied impasto textures and wash effects. Also, being water based, Acrylics are an ideal medium for those sensitive to the solvents used with oil painting.

Throughout the year we will run different themes, exploring acrylic painting from foundations, to looking at abstraction, combined media and painting the nude. All the courses are 5 weeks and are suited to beginners. Each new theme helps to build on your art technique and allow you to continue practising throughout the year.

During the course you will be encouraged to develop your own style and have fun experimenting with this versatile medium. So come on a creative journey with Acrylics and enjoy the space of our studio environment.

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  • “A really fun course, really helped to develop some painting skills and increase artistic confidence.”

  • “I had such a fantastic time doing this course, it was the highlight of my week!”

About The Teacher - Christopher Horder

Christopher Horder has been painting for over 20 years. Graduating with Honours in Painting from the National Art School. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows nationally and internationally. He has over 10 years teaching experience. He has been a finalist in the Brett Whitley Travelling Arts Scholarship The Dobell Drawing prize, and winner of the Mosman Emerging Artist Award. He is currently working on a body of work for his next solo show.

Equipment List

  • Matisse Acrylic paint set 8 colours + mediums
  • Synthetic brushes flat bristle #2, #8 & #12
  • Neef 95: #4
  • Pack Of 6 Reno Synthetic Brushes
  • Disposable Palette
  • Thin edge canvas 11” x 14”
  • 1 x sheet of oil sketch paper
  • 1 x plastic palette knife
  • 1 x willow charcoal thick
  • 1 x 2B derwent pencil
  • 10 x A3 shts Cartridge

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the new 5 wk format work?

We have re-structured our school terms to allow for more variation in courses offered throughout the year, giving students more options to re-enrol and continue their learning with consecutive modules that build on previous knowledge. The 5wk courses aim to deliver more information in a shorter time. You will spend slightly less time in class finishing works and more time learning techniques. You may start exercises in class and finish them at home. We have given each term a focus or theme so you can become more confident in an area before moving onto the next subject.